Miami Bicycle Accident Lawyer Reviews the Alarming Number of Bike Crashes in Florida

Florida has one of the highest rates of bicycle accidents in the nation. We have over 100 average annual deaths from bicycle accidents and the highest average annual cyclist deaths per million residents compared to any other state. Why are these numbers so high, despite Florida bicycle laws meant to protect cyclists and curb unsafe driving behavior? Many parties can contribute to a bike accident. This can include car and truck drivers, the companies that employ them, as well as the entities responsible for maintaining roadways and guardrails. When these parties fail in their responsibilities to cyclists, life-altering and fatal bike accidents occur.

The Miami bicycle accident lawyers from Colson Hicks Eidson go above and beyond their duties to advocate for cyclists in Florida and throughout the nation. Bicycle riders, both commuters and recreational hobbyists, deserve equal rights to the roads as well as the ability to be safe and secure riding their bikes in and around Miami.

Florida Bike Accident Statistics

What are the Most Dangerous Counties for Cyclists? Florida Bicycle Accident Statistics

The number of common bicycle injuries and accidents in Florida is above the national level, in part due to the poor accommodation for bicycles in some of the larger Florida cities like Miami. In fact, hundreds of bicycle accidents happen in Miami each year. The following are the counties where getting into a bicycle accident is most likely, in order from highest amount of bike crashes to lowest:

  1. Miami-Dade County
  2. Broward County
  3. Pinellas County
  4. Palm Beach County
  5. Hillsborough County

However, other Florida counties that did not make this list, such as Orange, Lee, Manatee, Escambia and Brevard, ranked among the top 10 counties in the state for most bike accident fatalities. When these bicycle accidents did not prove fatal, common bicycle injuries for Florida bicyclists include trauma that causes back pain and neck pain, damage to internal organs, head and brain injuries, spinal cord injury and broken bones.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in Florida?

Despite the push for stronger bicycle laws and strategic safety plans to protect Florida cyclists, cycling accidents in Miami and throughout the state are high and have been rising in the last several years. In the bike accident cases our law firm reviews, driver error, distracted driving and texting while driving are all potential causes of preventable bike accidents.

MetroPlan Orlando is a metropolitan planning organization. It put together bike accident statistics and divided them into two categories: bicycle accidents involving adults and involving children.

The most common types of adult bike accidents include:

  • Failure to Yield by a Motorist – 36%
  • Failure to Yield by Cyclists – 25%
  • Crossing a Road – 15%
  • Driver Overtaking Cyclist – 10%
  • Parking Lot Accident – 3%

Among children, the statistics come out similarly:

  • Failure to Yield by Cyclists – 37%
  • Failure to Yield by Motorist – 24%
  • Crossing a Road – 15%
  • Parking Lot Accident – 7%
  • Driver Overtaking Cyclist – 5%

These bike accident statistics are extremely general, and every individual case is different. Our bike accident law firm will discuss the incident with the cyclist and/or his or her family. Then, we will begin an investigation to determine what caused the bike accident and who is at fault. From there, we can then discuss legal options bicycle crash victims may have to gain financial recoveries of their losses.

Free Attorney Advice for Cyclists Involved in Bike Accidents in Miami

Our Miami bicycle accident lawyers offer a free case review in a no cost, no risk consultation. Call the firm directly at 305-476-7400 or fill out an online bicycle accident form. Even if a cyclist feels he or she might have contributed to an accident, it is always a good idea to speak to a lawyer to review the case.