Florida Insurance Law Attorney

At Colson Hicks Eidson, our Florida insurance law attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of insurance law. We have a strong background in high-stakes litigation and mediation, helping resolve challenging insurance claims and coverage issues.

If you are an insurer or the insured and face difficulties handling a claim, our exceptional legal team is here to guide you to resolution. Our insurance lawyers can represent a wide range of coverage disputes. We are results-driven and will aggressively advocate for your best interests.

What is an Insurance Law Attorney?

Insurance companies and claimants may use unsavory methods to deny or push through a case. The role of an insurance law attorney is to protect their client’s best interests and guide them through the claims process.

An insurance lawyer will handle nearly every aspect of the claims process, including:

  • Provide legal advice throughout the process
  • Negotiate accident or damage losses
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Litigate bad faith cases

An insurance law attorney will evaluate your situation and discuss the goals of your claim. Next, your attorney will represent your best interests throughout the process, employing various strategies to achieve your objectives.

Who Needs an Insurance Law Attorney?

Generally, small claims rarely need an insurance law attorney. They can be evaluated and settled reasonably on their own.

However, in cases where the financial stakes are high and the claim is complicated, there is a much greater chance of going to trial. Claimants may need protection to ensure their claims are paid in full. Insurance companies may need protection from a potentially exaggerated claim.

Every case is different. The following are examples of when an individual or entity should retain the experience and skills of an insurance law attorney:

  • If the claim is particularly expensive
  • Large claims, often involving house fires, natural disasters, or extensive water damage
  • Challenging claims where fault is difficult to determine
  • Complex claims
  • Cases where the claimant and insurance adjuster cannot agree early in the process
  • Cases involving contract or policy-related issues
  • Establishing if your claim was denied in good or bad faith

If you have one of these claims, you may need the legal advice of a knowledgeable insurance law attorney. Insurance coverage is rarely a simple process. Retaining legal counsel is the best way to protect your or your company’s interests.

What Does a Florida Insurance Law Attorney Do?

An insurance law attorney may represent a claimant or an insurance provider. While the defense of each is greatly different, and insurance law attorney will still perform the following tasks:

  • Identity the at-fault party
  • Gather critical evidence to the case
  • Evaluate the claim and determine the fair value
  • Negotiate on behalf of their client’s best interests
  • Advocate in court, if necessary

If you are the insurer or the insured and are facing a challenging insurance claim matter, turn to Colson Hicks Eidson today.

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